The Performance Shop Concept ®



Performance as an agency for creativity accessible to all 



A space which produces, presents and supports the art of performance as a medium for connection, awareness, collaboration and joy amongst humans towards happier and healthier societies.   


The philosophy

A space which bridges performance to society,  artists to spectators, and creates opportunities for creative worlds to meet, interact and develop. The aim is to support art projects that contribute towards healthy shifts in the world by challenging ideologies and actions related to inequalities related to gender, religion, race, identity politics, ecological and other socio-political issues. 


To make performance as an accessible art form to all

To treat performance as a medium of transformation

To include performance in everyday life

To value artists for their service in service to society and vise versa

To perceive the individual as a creative being


 Types of performances

‘On Display’ - Performances in the window of the shop

‘Participatory Performances

‘Workshops for the community’

‘Urban Performances’

‘Coaching series for artists’



The Performance Shop is a project conceived by artist Lia Haraki and organized by her and her team of collaborators. It first opened in Nicosia in 2014 (Pop-Up Festival / NiMAC) and then in Limassol in 2015 (funded by the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture). In 2016 it was selected as one of the 25 best dance practices in Europe by the EDN (European Dancehouse Network). In 2018, The Performance Shop opened in Athens, as part of the section ‘Opening to the City’ of the Athens & Epidaurus Festival, supported by the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture and the House of Cyprus in Athens.